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Your Experiences
Only Anal Bleaching Cream

Your Experiences

With Anal Bleaching being such a new cosmetic treatment, we are particularly interested in your experiences, especially if you have participated in an anal bleaching treatment either at a clinic such as Pink Cheeks in Sherman Oaks, or a home based solution like the products offered by South Beach Skin Solutions.

We will move this into a forum environment if enough interest is shown, so please leave your views about anal Bleaching below.

Leave your Comments Below: [65]

  1. I was reluctant at first but was suprised at the
    “clean” feeling just knowing that my anus is now
    fit for public viewing. I can whip my trousers down
    anytime and no longer have to worry about the
    “big brown eye” I recommend that everyone
    should bleach their anus

    — Frank Oberhauser · 09/12/07 · Link to this comment

  2. Thank god I found anal bleaching when I did. My bum hole was a real bad colour due to over 30 years of use. Now that my anus has been bleached, it’s like I have a new arsehole all ready to go again!

    — Walphie · 21/12/07 · Link to this comment

  3. I was a bit iffy when I first heard about anal bleaching. But after I did it, not only did I love the results, so did my intimate partner! Our sex life has increased 100%!

    — Shirley K · 27/12/07 · Link to this comment

  4. I’ll admit, when I first came across your website, I was skeptical. I mean, how could a product work as well as the testimonials claim? But, then I got the package in the mail and 2 hours later, I was speechless.

    Not only do I feel more confident, knowing that my anus is squeaky clean, but my partner swears that it even tastes better, too!

    — Charles Carpenter · 22/03/08 · Link to this comment

  5. I’ve tried a number of anal bleaching products and really thought I knew everything about it. Boy was I wrong! Seriously, if you think your butt is nice and you haven’t tried this, you’re wrong!

    — Mark Riechrist · 05/04/08 · Link to this comment

  6. I ordered an AMAZING Divine Derriere anal bleaching product from, and after one week, my anus is TOTALLY bleached and pink! It was brown a week ago! I am so happy with this product. I ordered the kit.

    — Jennifer · 21/05/08 · Link to this comment

  7. I found this technique, it is brilliant, I have done it now seventeen times already

    — Lewis Williams · 30/05/08 · Link to this comment

  8. My lightened butt make me feel feels simply delightful all over, even though I can't see it, I can feel it in my mind

    — Dr. Jones · 29/07/08 · Link to this comment

  9. I couldn’t believe my luck when I heard about the ‘‘only anal bleaching program ‘‘Its something I had thought about for a while but didn't want to ask at my local salon (for obvious reasons). My partner thinks so too!

    — Dr . B.Holl · 04/08/08 · Link to this comment

  10. I bleach my anus once a week and i have to say, its fantastic!

    — Captain Planet · 07/10/08 · Link to this comment

  11. what is a good brand of anal bleach?

    Good Question - at the moment, I believe the best brand of anal bleach at the moment is Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream.

    — chanelle · 20/11/08 · Link to this comment

  12. I started using anal bleaching a week ago and it is GREAT! Although skeptical at first, even my mom was shocked how pink my anus could be after she helped me apply it the first time. Now she’s hooked too!THANKS ANAL BLEACHING!

    — Ryan Park · 10/12/08 · Link to this comment

  13. Wow!! What an experience, thanks to my new found confidence i now have more customers than ever, all my friends and family love the new me. Thanks you anal bleaching!!!

    — Michelle Nuñez · 20/12/08 · Link to this comment

  14. OMG Becky, look at her but! it is so white…. i can’t beleive it is so clean and lickable….its just so WHITE!”
    No, seriously….. i have never been so comfortable with myself as i am now, with my new bleached anus. THANKS ANAL BLEACHING!!

    — Ivana humpalot · 29/12/08 · Link to this comment

  15. Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream is the best product out there for anal bleaching and vaginal bleaching. It is so easy to use and results are quick. Vigala Anal Bleach is inexpensive compared to other creams and works even better! Vigala Anal Bleaching cream is a sure thing. I bought mine here. Try it out if you’re looking for the best anal bleach / vaginal bleach around!

    — Jen Bianchi · 05/02/09 · Link to this comment

  16. We, my partner and I have been having a problem in bed, and without going into too much detail, it was because my anus was too brown. We tried several other “home-remedies” and to no avail. Thankfully I found this website before our sex life completely deteriorated. Since I started using this anal bleaching product our sex lives have improved, I even got my partner to start using it! This product saved our relationship and without sounding too dramatic, saved my life!

    Glad we could help!

    — K. Benz · 16/02/09 · Link to this comment

  17. I have Asian skin and used SOUTH BEACH SKIN SOLUTIONS and loved it. It did not irritate my skin and has no hydroquinone so I felt safe. It took a couple of weeks with consistent use and the result was very natural. I did not believe this type of treatment was avaialbe so I am very happy.

    — Alice · 12/03/09 · Link to this comment

  18. It worked great, cant wait to try it out.

    — dave townsend · 18/03/09 · Link to this comment

  19. Anal bleaching improved my sex life a thousand fold, now all the guys and mods want me.

    — Dr Pat Pong · 28/03/09 · Link to this comment

  20. can anyone tell me if “devine derriere” really works? How long does it take to see results or to become “pink” ? Thanks !

    — Liz · 05/04/09 · Link to this comment

  21. im using south beach at the moment, i can see changes, but i dont apply it as directed, i miss treatments, i should apply it morning and night… but do i? NO! i know … im just wasting the product. I ordered 5 more and gona give it a proper shot, if it works to the point i want it to (totally clear!) and i come back here, i’ll post a comment.

    You never know wat to believe here.

    why south beach? im using this particular one bcus this lady said she used it and it worked for her. And also it doesnt have dangerous ingredients!

    wish me luck :D

    — honestly · 22/04/09 · Link to this comment

  22. My mates were always mocking my anus. I’m naturally darker skinned so my anus appeared extra brown. Now I’ve been using this product for only two weeks and I’ve got pinkest anus in town!

    — kelvin dephasdin · 20/05/09 · Link to this comment

  23. I tried South Beach skin lightening , its working… still half way but its working. It all natural so i recommend it. But you have to use it morning and nite, never miss an application – or try not to :)

    those who say it didnt work for dem , maybe ure not using it rite.. or maybe ur pigmentation needs somethin stronger


    throw it away , it’ll just give u cancer or something

    good luck

    — miriam · 10/06/09 · Link to this comment

  24. This is the best product in the market. It only take a few days to shine your asterik like a white star. Now I´m so proud of it and always show it at parties. Try the product, you won´t be dissapointed!

    — George DiLuca · 09/07/09 · Link to this comment

  25. I tried South Beach and Medliten, and they did not work at all.

    Then I tried Divine Derriere, and WOW, the change was almost immediate!

    You guys, don’t believe all that b.s. about hydroquinone not being safe. Has it occurred to you that the all natural skin bleaching companies are trying to post bad stuff about it so that you will buy their products?

    Hydroquinone is prescribed by dermatologists on a daily basis. Hydroquinone creams are available over the counter all over the U.S. I read about it because I was scared to use it, but after I did my research, I’m not scared anymore!

    Hydroquinone only caused cancer in one study- these rats were fed hydroquinone by a tube into their stomachs. Only 15 percent of the rats developed cancer. My doctor told me that nothing bleaches skin better than hydroquinone does, and he said that it has never, ever given cancer to one person in history and that it’s totally safe to put on your skin. You’re not going to eat it like the rats did!

    I don’t care what’s inside Divine Derriere, all I know is that it works, and I’d rather buy something that works than waist my money on something that doesn’t work.

    — Summer · 17/08/09 · Link to this comment

  26. Wow this product is totally fantastic. I used to worry about my big brown eye all the while but now a can bend over with the confidence knowing my filthy looking bullet wound is white.
    After 35 years of abuse including some dam hot curries, my anus is squeeky clean again and ready for another 35 year hammering. Thank you.

    — browneye · 11/09/09 · Link to this comment

  27. Thankyou for this product!my anus is fresh,white,its colour made my hairs white.Jeff is well pleased.the stink has gone as well,may thanx…

    — steve · 14/10/09 · Link to this comment

  28. I found this by accident and never looked back … Thanks !

    Have recomended to all my “chums” at DC !

    — Fon · 14/10/09 · Link to this comment

  29. This is a f**** joke, right? If you’re serious about claiming everyone loves anal bleaching, I’ll personally kill you. Fortunately, I won’t be arrested because people like you need to be exterminated anyway.

    — Bong Water · 14/10/09 · Link to this comment

  30. Gotta say I’ve bleached my anus twice this week and it’s wonderful, I will be passing on this website to all my friends.

    — Fon · 15/10/09 · Link to this comment

  31. This product is excellent, I enjoyed using it so much that I have bought a kit for my wife to use too.

    I feel so much better now that I do not have a brown bum.

    — Stephen Brown · 15/10/09 · Link to this comment

  32. hydroquinone is not safe and is illegal to be in any products sold in the uk
    A program on british tv about indian girls bleaching their skin did a test with a product containing hydroquinone and it actually made her skin darker.


    — Craig owens · 28/11/09 · Link to this comment

  33. I used this product and am more than satisfied. My anus was brown and purple. I used this and now it is as pink as bubble gum. I am currently bi-sexual and my boyfriend and girlfriend love it. I feel so much better in public situations now. I would recommend this to anyone!

    — Barry Smithley · 12/01/10 · Link to this comment


    — vicky · 16/01/10 · Link to this comment

  35. Omg i just bought Divine Derriere on ebay and im expecting it on the mail, ive read its the best option out there, unlike south beach skin bullshit lol :)

    — Mr. Barry Lime · 01/02/10 · Link to this comment

  36. DOES ANYONE KNOW IF DIVINE DERRIERE REALLY WORKS? ive tried south beach and it sucks just feels like a moisturiser.


    _ _ _ _ _ _

    Hi - I am not sure how well Dvine Derriere works, we have never tested the product, but we do know that Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream works prefectly :)

    — onlyceecee · 20/02/10 · Link to this comment

  37. i just start anal bleach treatment today, in a salon, there they put some kind of fruit acid peel in my anus, and then they told be to use the south beach cream, so wish me luck, i will come back here to tell about the change.

    — lilly · 07/03/10 · Link to this comment

  38. I love this product. I now feel clean and fresh and my boyfriend loves it too! Butt Bleach has made me into the confident man I am today!

    — julian capek · 26/03/10 · Link to this comment

  39. hey every one how u doing i need help i saw alot of creams i just need to recommended me a good one bcz i am ‘ hard case’

    You could try Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream - it is the most recommended one this site, or there is a new Product Honey Bare Anal Bleaching Cream which could be good, and we are looking for a review of this if you are interested

    — emmanna · 31/03/10 · Link to this comment

  40. I just purchased the South Beach Skin Solutions Bottle. It looks like its working. But its my first day. I will let you guys know the outcome. The only thing that sucks, is that the bottle is too small for the price. Its like 63.00 with shipping and taxes. I would prefer they made it a little bit bigger. But it looks like its working.

    — MIIZZTIIC · 03/04/10 · Link to this comment

  41. Started using vigala anal bleaching today, I will post wether it worked or not…I will apply it once a day till I get the desired color and the I guess once a week to maintain it

    — Lizzy · 04/06/10 · Link to this comment

  42. i live in pakistan and i want this cream..
    can any1 tell me how can i get this ??

    — alvin · 11/06/10 · Link to this comment

  43. You have got to be kidding me? Really? Of all the great scientific and medical discoveries, this is it? Ass bleaching? I think of the movie Idiocracy when I see this…sorry, but, WTF???

    — cyrus · 03/07/10 · Link to this comment

  44. where do you get viagla from in the uk? and is it still the best one on the market. Finally where in the west midlands can you have anal bleaching done at a salon

    Yes we believe Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream is the best on the market at the moment, although we don't know where you can get hold of it in the UK - although they do ship to the UK. We also have no idea if there are any salons in the UK who do Anal Bleaching - we keep asking but no one answers.

    — pam · 07/07/10 · Link to this comment

  45. I used the DIVINE DERRIERE product for the 30 day trial period and quickly found out that the product only caused my skin to darken significantly and I am not a dark-skinned individual. My frustration was not so much that the product did not enhance the look of this area but that it made it darker and then to top it all off the company did not issue me a refund, they even stopped answering my emails, have avoided my emails whatever the case may be and then stated they did not receive my return package however according to my postal receipt which had to be signed by the company the product was returned to their company, signed and then sent to another company in California. The lady who I spoke with Julie Adams has given me the runaround since June of 2010. It is ridiculous I would not order this product as the company has proven to me that if the product does not work you will not receive your refund money which is a sad testament to the company’s customer service skills and their integrity. Promising a money back guarantee and then not following through claiming they cannot find a package that was signed by one of their own workers. I would not waste my time, nor money on this product. You will be taking a $50-60 chance if it does not work for you.

    — Tracy · 30/08/10 · Link to this comment

  46. I had a similar problem with divine derriere and that particular company rep julie adams. i paid for the product but had not received it after the supposed deliver date. luckily for me i had paid for the product through pay pal so was able to report them and make a claim against the company. i was given some bogus excuses and e mails were sent consistently back and forth for a while when she finally said well your fortunate enough that my supervisor has said that it is ok for us to resend the package to you but only if you dissolve the claim you put through to paypal. I refused as a smart person and paypal advised me not to until i receive the product obvisouly considering what happened in the first instance. i let julie adams know this and thought it would not be a problem as payment for the item had already been taken from my accout by the company – either way i got no reply, was sent no product and paypal gave me a refund. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if i paid directly using my card and not paypal. i have been using another product and i am starting to see results – no thanks to divine derriere – there poor customer service and failure to deliver meant i didn’t get the chance and they lost one potential customer.

    — j · 02/09/10 · Link to this comment

  47. hello girls! I have the same problem and It took me a lot of time to discover what would be the best product to lighten those areas. I have tried Divinie Derriere for 3 months and nothing worked. I even purchased Vigala cream which claims to be the most effective cream but nothing worked. And it has these harmful ingredient hydroquinone. Stop wasting your money for these harmful creams that doesn’t work for you. I am desperate enough to whiten those areas and willing to try all to find out what works best for me. Then I tried stylook. It’s a product from japan and it really works! I have almost black skin on my vaginal area but in 2 weeks i turned to brown.It has no harmful effects. I really recommend this to every ladies out there who’s willing to bleach their Bikini area.

    — tiff · 07/10/10 · Link to this comment

  48. My partner and I were wondering if there are any issues having sex while using the south beach product.

    No, No issues

    — curious · 08/10/10 · Link to this comment

  49. I’ve been useing south beach for months now and nothings changed!

    — liz · 30/12/10 · Link to this comment

  50. Are these “reviews” for real? Everyone talking about how their mom puts it on for them or “all” their friends make fun of their assholes, are you guys serious.

    — Livia · 02/01/11 · Link to this comment

  51. I have fair to olive skin, but my vagina/butt was very dark. I never felt confident enough that I didnt like my bf to look at it. Of course he didnt care but like most women I did. He even gave it a name, “black starfish”. Lol. I decided to purchase Divine Derriere and with in 1 week I noticed a BIG difference. My skin matches the rest of my body and I am soooo happy. It was worth the 50 bucks!!!

    — Ana · 07/01/11 · Link to this comment


    — MARY LOVE · 22/02/11 · Link to this comment

  53. I really have to say that Divine Derriere is amazing. I got great results very fast, and their customer service was great too. I had a couple of questions, and the rep answered the questions really fast, and she was also really knowledgeable. I got a great product with great customer service, and a great looking private area too! What more could I ask for?

    — Kayla · 29/03/11 · Link to this comment

  54. This was a TOTAL waste of money!! Those of you that wrote positive comments must work for the company or get kick-backs. Horrible product!

    — Dissapointed · 27/04/11 · Link to this comment

  55. I agree with Kayla .. this is a waste of money … I wanted a lighter skin and this product made it darker!!!

    — Herba · 30/06/11 · Link to this comment

  56. where can you buy good anal bleaching products in the uk?

    Editer - Pick Daisy Anal Bleaching Cream, Star White Anal Bleaching Cream and South Beach Gel for Sensitive Areas are all available in the UK.

    — kate · 05/08/11 · Link to this comment

  57. I don’t think these reviews are real. They are just doing affiliate marketing of the products.

    Editor: Every review on this page is reader submitted. We only remove spam submissions.

    — Bob · 04/09/11 · Link to this comment

  58. I don’t believe this..

    — LUNA · 24/09/11 · Link to this comment

  59. I laughed so hard when reading this!

    — Andee · 29/09/11 · Link to this comment

  60. This is ridiculous . I mean really? How self conscious are you that u feel it necessary to bleach ur asshole. Weirdos. Just when I thought I had of everything out there…. Freaks

    — Really come on · 23/10/11 · Link to this comment

  61. I have used this product for 4 weeks and I dont see a change. This product did not worked for me = ( I wan t my money back!!

    — Ednaa · 04/04/12 · Link to this comment

  62. This product really does work! My shipmates often complain of my unsightly darkened ring-piece. After only one application of Divine Derriere, I could proudly show my brand new anus to the entire ships crew without ridicule! My new rusty bullet hole is the talk of the whole ship! 10/10, a definite thumbs up from me. Happy Days!!

    — Jonathan Sleep · 16/04/12 · Link to this comment

  63. Does south beach skin solutions work?

    — Lmx20 · 20/04/12 · Link to this comment

  64. whoah this blog is excellent i love reading your
    posts. Stay up the good work! You realize, a lot of individuals are looking around for this info, you could aid them

    — My Auravie · 18/08/12 · Link to this comment

  65. You have to deal with facts from day one o avoid a severe disappointment.
    Chemo exfoliation or chemical peel uses a chemical solution to
    enrich and smooth the texture of facial skin by eliminating the damaged outer layers.

    This kind of exercise can easily be translated to any part of the face, neck or hands.

    — · 18/10/12 · Link to this comment


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